Monday, 30 October 2017

Volvo Ocean Race Prologue

Among the recent sailing races being held, MAPFRE was able to gain an edge over Team Brunel and was victorious in the Volvo Ocean Race Prologue.

The finish was slow but it was thrilling and light. The battle finally came down between Brunel and MAPFRE as on the wire with the Spanish team pulling ahead to make a win.

The MAPFRE team of Spain reached the finishing line by Wednesday. The race management made the course shorter as Team Brunel put in a late charge. As a result the compulsory gate located at Cabo de Gata became the finishing line. The team of MAPFRE was skipped by Xabi Fernandez. This is a continuation of a streak of successes for them and the team was able to complete the race of four stages successfully. Team Brunel came close behind the winning team. These two teams were able to perform well due to the decision they took in the beginning of the last leg which was by the Portugal coast in contrast to the route that the rest of the fleet took which was much more offshore. Continue Reading →

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August 2017

Thursday, 10 August 2017

39 Nations Registered For Para World Sailing Championship

The KielerWoche sailing festival opened in Kiel, Germany on Tuesday with 39 nations registered for participation.

This Para World Sailing Championship will see 80 or more sailors racing in three different classes.

The participants will include world champions, Paralympic medalists and offshore sailors from different nations. They’re eight new nations registered for the championship this year. The three classes of fleets for the race are Open 2.4 Norlin OD, women’s Hansa 303 and Men’s Hansa 303.

Racing will start from June 21st at 12:00 and will conclude on 25th June. Each fleet will have to participate in ten races during these five days.

World Sailing President Kim Andersen addressed the sailors during the opening ceremony and said that this year’s KielerWoche championship is important for the World Sailing as the event includes the Para world sailing Championships.

He said that adding Para world championships are vital for World sailing as it is necessary to prove to the International Paralympic Committee the steps taken for the advancement of the Para world sailing after the exclusion of Para world sailing from the 2020 Paralympic Games to be held in Tokyo. Continue Reading →

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April 2017

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Stafford Township Proud On Carron

Stafford Township resident is now known for giving best sailors in the world, including Germany, Italy, Argentina and Uruguay.

But, the most notable trip happened in the last month when the 17-year-old from the township secured third position in the Youth Sailing World Championships. It was the 46th annual YSWC that took place in Auckland, New Zealand.

The name of the seventeen year boy is Pearce Carrson; he has his home in Florida, after securing third position in the championship, now Carrson’s name has come among the best youth sailors in the world. He is at 51st position in the world according to August scorecard.

Carrson competed in eight races in the championship from Dec. 16 to 19. In all the races, he earned enough points to secure third position and claim the bronze medal.

Speaking after winning the races, Carron said “I strongly believe in god and I know god is always with me when I sail in water.” Continue Reading →

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February 2017

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Olympic Success Need Early Preparation

The success in any tournament is not just the success of a player. It is the collaborative effort of team members, player and management committee.

Success in Olympic program too goes the same way, it need players that have both talent of sailing as well as ability to handle pressure. This comes with training. United States was one time dominated sailing sports in the Olympics. But, when an international program raised its bar US lost the game completely. Now, the US too have to raise its bar or preparation and selection to come back into the game.

The team of US sailing wants to get back to an era when US was ruling this game. That time US has both talent and pressure. Previously, United Stated had its best sailors who used to focus on sailing school, through college and after that they move to Olympic class after completing graduation. Even after following this course of time, the player has to learn many other skills and do the preparation. Now, this path has is a long way to be followed by the sailor. Continue Reading →

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April 2016

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Two yachts join the Gulf Craft show

Gulf Craft that claims fifty percent of the market share of Qatar for leisure craft, started their exclusive preview, earlier on Wednesday, at Pearl-Qatar, Marina Gate 5. Speaking to a leading newspaper, CEO Erwin Bamps told that the three day event marks the 5th time that Gulf Craft is coming back to Qatar with over 10 of their most recently introduced boats and yachts.

From 3.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. daily during the exclusive preview, they invited both current as well as prospective clients to relish a cozy atmosphere where they could explore the newest innovations we have added to our ever expanding fleet. Two new superyacht models from our Gulf Craft’s luxurious Majesty Yachts brand and one oceangoing yacht from the long-range Nomad Yachts series would be on the show.

The all new Majesty 110 – Gulf Craft’s newest tri-deck (3 decks) – as well as the Majesty 90 superyachts both blend powerful advanced and engineering technology with immaculate design, said Bamps. Both these offer many on-board space, allowing passengers to move effortlessly inside and outside the superyachts, as well as offer breath-taking panoramic angles of the sea from the inner area.

Qatari buyers appear to be mature, very savvy about what they want from their yachts, and are concerned in a various range of on-water feels, as per Bamps. He added that they are looking at an increasing desire for luxury. Qataris are looking for a home-away-from-home experience, one in which onboard comfort and entertainment are significant.