Stafford Township Proud On Carron

Stafford Township resident is now known for giving best sailors in the world, including Germany, Italy, Argentina and Uruguay.

But, the most notable trip happened in the last month when the 17-year-old from the township secured third position in the Youth Sailing World Championships. It was the 46th annual YSWC that took place in Auckland, New Zealand.

The name of the seventeen year boy is Pearce Carrson; he has his home in Florida, after securing third position in the championship, now Carrson’s name has come among the best youth sailors in the world. He is at 51st position in the world according to August scorecard.

Carrson competed in eight races in the championship from Dec. 16 to 19. In all the races, he earned enough points to secure third position and claim the bronze medal.

Speaking after winning the races, Carron said “I strongly believe in god and I know god is always with me when I sail in water.”

Carrson’s mom, Angie, remembers years of loading the family car, the sailboat riding on the roof, to go from race to race.

“We got to see the country and go abroad together to places we would have never seen if it wasn’t for sailing, and those memories we have are priceless, said Angie Pearce, 45.

The family of Carrson Pearce settled in Stafford Township in the Manahawkin section when Carrson had been just 5 years old. His father, Dixon, who was a pilot, he joined the Yacht Club of Surf City with friends to race sailboats.

After two years, Carrson’s father first introduced him to sailing. After that, Carrson developed an interest in sailing sport.

Carrson said “To me it is hard to explain sailing as it has so many variables. But, it is an amazing feeling when you are on water.”

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