Olympic Success Need Early Preparation

The success in any tournament is not just the success of a player. It is the collaborative effort of team members, player and management committee.

Success in Olympic program too goes the same way, it need players that have both talent of sailing as well as ability to handle pressure. This comes with training. United States was one time dominated sailing sports in the Olympics. But, when an international program raised its bar US lost the game completely. Now, the US too have to raise its bar or preparation and selection to come back into the game.

The team of US sailing wants to get back to an era when US was ruling this game. That time US has both talent and pressure. Previously, United Stated had its best sailors who used to focus on sailing school, through college and after that they move to Olympic class after completing graduation. Even after following this course of time, the player has to learn many other skills and do the preparation. Now, this path has is a long way to be followed by the sailor.

The type of educational programs available in the US with regards to sailing prepares players, but, the players lack technical skills that is required to participate and win Olympic.

US have now come up with an Olympic Development program in the year 2015. The objective of this program is to provide all types of support and training to young sailors. The program manager of ODP Molly Vandemoer said “The objective of this program is to prepare sailors and give them an environment where young sailors can build their skills and prepare themselves for both talent and pressure.” The program started by US to boost talent of sailing in the country is expected to give good results and bring back the old days of US in Olympic sailing.

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