Two yachts join the Gulf Craft show

Gulf Craft that claims fifty percent of the market share of Qatar for leisure craft, started their exclusive preview, earlier on Wednesday, at Pearl-Qatar, Marina Gate 5. Speaking to a leading newspaper, CEO Erwin Bamps told that the three day event marks the 5th time that Gulf Craft is coming back to Qatar with over 10 of their most recently introduced boats and yachts.

From 3.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. daily during the exclusive preview, they invited both current as well as prospective clients to relish a cozy atmosphere where they could explore the newest innovations we have added to our ever expanding fleet. Two new superyacht models from our Gulf Craft’s luxurious Majesty Yachts brand and one oceangoing yacht from the long-range Nomad Yachts series would be on the show.

The all new Majesty 110 – Gulf Craft’s newest tri-deck (3 decks) – as well as the Majesty 90 superyachts both blend powerful advanced and engineering technology with immaculate design, said Bamps. Both these offer many on-board space, allowing passengers to move effortlessly inside and outside the superyachts, as well as offer breath-taking panoramic angles of the sea from the inner area.

Qatari buyers appear to be mature, very savvy about what they want from their yachts, and are concerned in a various range of on-water feels, as per Bamps. He added that they are looking at an increasing desire for luxury. Qataris are looking for a home-away-from-home experience, one in which onboard comfort and entertainment are significant.

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